Meaningful strategy powerfully balances long term enterprise direction with near term opportunities. It elevates our collective perspectives and broadens our horizons to foresee non-conventional alternative futures. It defines and differentiates the organization’s role across these future scenarios to create sustainable and scaleable market position. It instills confidence and empowers bold choices with a unique value proposition, a clear path forward, aligned leadership and partners, and prioritized capital investments.

Powerful strategies are founded in several key principles. Strategic planning must be grounded in robust data and rigorous analytics that unveil creative insights into the market dynamics and the organization's inherent value proposition. Plans must galvanize diverse stakeholders and incorporate them from the outset. They must achieve alignment of leadership, vision, economic plans and the operating model across the entire health delivery network. Finally, they must include a commitment to implementation. A strategy is not complete until a comprehensive implementation plan of tactical directives with detailed accountabilities, outcomes and time frames is in place.

Superior strategy results when the creative and intellectual capabilities of the organization are harnessed to answer how the organization will achieve an enduring, unrivaled position for the future. Today’s health care strategies must address several key imperatives:

  • Delivery System Design that Optimizes Health System Assets for the Future.
  • Partnerships to Achieve Meaningful Value for the Network and Community.
  • Physician Alignment to Activate Providers in Pursuit of Health System Goals.
  • Population Health Management to Improve the Health, Outcomes and Cost of Care.
  • Systems of Engagement that Attract and Retain Consumers in the Network.
  • Information Systems and Technologies that Empower the Strategies of the Future.
  • Organizational Design and Governance in Support of Strategy Execution.

The Chartis Group assists clients across multiple dimensions of organizational strategic planning including:

  • Raphe Schwartz

    Raphe Schwartz
    Director, Strategy and Children's Hospitals
    Raphe Schwartz is a Director with The Chartis Group leading Strategy and the Children’s Hospitals segment. For nearly 25 years, he has advised leading children's hospitals, health systems and AMCs addressing their most pressing issues in strategy, partnership development, value-based care, population health, performance improvement and economic alignment.

  • Anneliese Gerland

    Anneliese Gerland
    Principal, Strategy Senior Practice Manager
    Anneliese Gerland is a Principal and Senior Practice Area Manager with The Chartis Group. Her work is focused on helping healthcare organizations navigate the transition to value-based care and payment models. She supports the development of delivery system transformation solutions including integration across the care continuum and economic transformation.