Digital Health


Healthcare is undergoing the same disruptive technology-enabled shift that the banking, travel and transportation industries experienced over the past decade. Consumers are utilizing the vast amounts of information and services available to them inside and outside the care continuum, no longer waiting for the provider or payor to catch up to their demand. Providers must be able to harness the extraordinary data produced in the health system and effectively employ new capabilities to adapt their market strategies, transform internal business processes and meet evolving consumer needs.

Defining Digital Health

Digital health encompasses the use of technology-enabled innovation to extend and deepen connectivity between the health system and its consumers, clinicians, payors and care continuum partners. The underlying lexicon of digital health is extensive and includes elements of: mobile health (mHealth), wireless health, health IT, big data, cloud computing, e-patients, quantified self and self-tracking, telehealth and telemedicine and connected health. Five initial strategic dimensions are required to attract, keep and serve consumers:

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  • Thomas Kiesau

    Thomas Kiesau
    Director, Enterprise Strategy
    Thomas Kiesau is a Director with The Chartis Group and leads the Enterprise Strategy practice with 20 years of experience consulting to the healthcare industry.

  • Kent Gray

    Kent Gray
    Kent Gray is a Principal with The Chartis Group in the Informatics and Technology Practice. Mr. Gray is a results-driven healthcare executive with 25 years of healthcare leadership experience in maximizing business outcomes through Information Technology (IT). His experience spans across the continuum of care: producers, providers, payors and consumers.